When Ataturk was dead in 10 November 1938 the political system was based on one party for a transitional period. Second world war was not only a delaying but also a threatening factor for multi-party system since there were lots of detrimental factors to retain the stabilization. Although Turkey was persuaded to fight together with the Allies against Germany; political body in the young Rebuplic was clever enough to diplomaticly delay the procedure until the war ended in 1945. In addition to Republican Party, Democratic Party was founded in 7th January 1946 as the latter one and won the elections in 1950 as the first party with a great majority. The programme of Democratic Party was concentrating on initiating foreign capital and modernization in agriculture. However, externally imported development by foreign capital and dept drove the country in a number of problems. In the same way, radical changes in political life and tolerance for religious affairs seemingly destroyed the secularism principal together with economic problems in the country. These left the ground to the first military intervention in 1960. After the intervention, the coalition government of Republican Party and Justice Party was not efficient enough to attain order. However, by that time first attempts to join the EC was made and Ankara Treaty in 12 September 1963 was signed to start the five years long transitory period for full membership. In 23 November 1970, with another treaty the period was initiated for full membership.

Eventhough the constitution was changed in 1961, the political instability lingered for some more years and in 1970 the army forced the government to resign. For ten more years the attempts for the required democracy continued. In 1974 Greek Government tried to annex Cyprus to Greece. Although Turkey asked for help of Britain who was a guaranteer, she was left alone. Therefore Turkey sent military force to Cyprus and intervened the situation to guard the island’s Turkish majority. In 15 February 1974 the north of the Cyprus became a federal republic supported by the Turkish Republic.

This circumstance led to detrimental conclusions as USA stopped military support. The foreign debts were cancelled and Turkey was left alone on the international arena. Coincidentally, world petroleum crisis increased the extent of deterioration. Turkey economically fell into crisis as well. Political crisis resulted in internal conflicts and a natural concequence of this instabile economy was another military intervention in 1980. These interruptions on democracy brought many problems but somehow Turkey found ways to survive. In 1982 a new constitution was introduced and voted. In 1983 new political parties were permitted to be established. In 1987 politically forbidden previous party members were allowed to continue their political careers.

Today Turkish Republic is in a phase to find her way in democratization tradition with her young and dynamic society. At the and of December 1999 Turkey is announced as a candidate for the European Union. Nowadays, the government agency is composed of the Democratic Left Party, Nationalist Action Party and Motherland Party, thus a mixture of liberal and social wings.

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