It can not be said with certainty when the Lydians came and settled in Anatolia but we do know that their language was an Indo-European language. It can also be said that these people made their homelands in Anatolia after 2000 BC.

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Lydia was bordered by the Mysia in the east, Ionia and Aiolis in the west, Caria in the south and Phyrigia in the east. The most populated areas of Lydia were in today’s Izmir and Manisa. The Lydian dominance on these lands found a strong basis in the period of Gyges in 680 BC. In spite of the Kimmer attacks, they were successful in extending their lands. The heyday of the Lydians coincided with the reign of King Crouses (560-546 BC). However, the Kingdom was destroyed by the Persian attacks in 547-546 BC.

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The Lydians established Sardis and they first introduced the usage of the coinage system.The coinage system brought them a well developed commercial life. Furthermore, the land was not only rich for producing commercial plants such as nut or vine but also for mining . What made the Lydian civilization even more famous was King Crouses’s large coin collection and wealth.

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