The foremost proponent of Christianity, St.Paul, found his way to the Roman province of Anatolia to propagate this new religion after the Romans ejected the Jews and Christians from Judea. On his numerous journeys he visited first, Antioch, Seleucia (Silifke), Pamphylia (Side, Antalya), Iconium (Konya) , Lystra, Derbe in 47-49 AD. Then he followed the way to the north west; farther then his earlier journeys, passing through Mysia (Troy is located in this area), and to Macedonia. In 53-57 AD, on another journey he chose a route covering Ancyra, Symrna, Adramytium (Edremit), Ephesus and Miletos. However his aim to propagate was interrupted in 59-60 AD, because of imprisonment in Rome for charges of provoking a riot in Jerusalem.

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Church Of Virgin Mary

Another name to be recognized is St.John who wrote the fourth gospel and took Mary together with him to Ephesus. St.John was cremated on the hill where now are left the remains of the Church of St.John . On the other hand, a small chapel at Mt.Koressos, near Ephesus was erected in the name of Mary.

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